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Dutch multinationals seeeking sustainable solutions and technologies for cost reduction in catering and food wholesale logistics

Two Dutch multinationals, active in the field of catering and food wholesale, want to contribute to the global aim to reduce waste streams and emissions.The companies want to explore innovative ways for return flows and logistics. For this the companies are looking for partners that can help them with technologies and solutions to decrease their distribution costs and optimize the return flows in the frame of a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Two corporates, based in The Netherlands, with business activities in the field of catering and food wholesale recently combined their strengths and knowledge to better serve their clients. These companies realize that they are part of the world global business community, that want to actively contribute to the issue on sustainability: global resources are decreasing and CO2 emissions are rising. Both companies have the ambition to become more circular, have the intention to turn waste into resources and optimize their logistical return flows.The catering company delivers Quality of Life services to their clients through a sustainable facility & food offer. The food wholesaler acts also as the logistical partner and delivers on 450 sites within the Netherlands. Both companies have the strategic aim to contribute to a more sustainable foodservice market. In the delivery process the trucks are dropping off food items and by this the truck is gradually emptying and so space to store and transport is created. As a first step to realize their sustainable goals both companies use reusable packaging (roll containers, crates, reusable soft drink bottles) and also collect and transport reusable organic waste, like  returning in the transport flow orange peels (pilot) and used coffee grounds. In order meet to their susainable ambitions they intend to look further into the logistical process of various other renewable waste streams. For this they are looking for international partners that can help them with knowledge on the return flows and logistics. They want to establish cooperation in the frame of a commercial agreement with technical assistance, but they are open for discussing other forms of cooperation and agreement.



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