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A German startup developed a smart office system that enables instant personalization of workspaces. The solution consists of a mobile application, a smart desk and an intelligent office chair which are able to adapt and adjust into personalized settings of different users.

In the last couple of years, desk sharing gained populularity in companies and organisations. However, until now, there were no appropriate and suitable solutions on the market, combining the idea of desk sharing offices with a smart customized solution for the improvement of the employees health, productivity and satisfaction.

The German startup provides a smart office system which consists of an office chair, a desk and a smartphone application, enabling instant personalization of workspaces. The smart furniture is equipped with actuators and sensors to adjust to the users' preset parameters on the smartphone interface within seconds. When entering the office, the user can use its smartphone to log in at an unoccupied office desk. The furniture (desk and chair) immediately adjusts to the well-known personalized settings and gives the user a feeling of familiarity. The solution allows for flexible and efficient utilisation of office space and offers the benefit of highly comfortable and healthy working conditions.

The smartphone app contains all necessary options to set up the office including an initial installation guide. This ensures a healthy and well-adjusted setup. Furthermore, the available data is analyzed to consult the user on behavioral improvements. Through accessing the sensor data, the user receives a live performance report on standing and sitting activities. The report outlines recommendations and exercises to strengthen the parts of the body that the system recognized as negatively affected by the sitting posture. An active sitting option will rotate the seat of the chair at a low frequency, mobilizing the core muscles of the user to increase the blood flow. This function simulates the metabolism in order to stay focused at work and sustain a high energy level.
Additionally, a back end stores all the generated data which is processed immediately and displayed in the front end of the mobile app. Data policy clauses can be aligned with the pilot customer. The stored data will be deleted after a determined time.

The smart office chair is equipped with up to seven actuators to adjust to the users preferences. The most prominent part of the chair is the main mechanism that is placed under the seat and comprises four actuators (seat angle, seat depth, seat height, counterforce backrest). Furthermore, the electronics of the chair include multiple sensors in the seat and in the backrest of the chair that are implemented in the upholstery. The office chair works on a battery which can be recharged easily. 

The startup uses existing height-adjustable desks and equips them with their own control units. The charging docks are mounted under the front part of the desk. The desk is also equipped with actuators and sensors to adjust to the users preset parameters on the smartphone interface.

In order to test the existing solution, the startup is looking for testers/pilot customers who are willing to collaborate under a services agreement. As a service, the startup would provide their embedded "office 4.0" system to a suitable partner who is interested to test the solution and give feedback on the applicability of the system. Additionally, the startup would also provide support on all technical questions and issues.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Sunday, 20 March, 2022


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