35.2 Manufacture of gas; distribution of gaseous fuels through mains

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The Danish client is a privately owned company with an extensive and long-lasting experience in the utilisation of industrial by-products. In addition the company focuses on the development of new solutions for utilisation of by-products.

The Danish client has more than 35 years of experience within the biogas sector. The main headquarter is in the Copenhagen area. As a result of an exponential growth,  the company now has offices in Aalborg, Stockholm, Hamburg and a subsidiary in the UK. In addition the company operates in Sweden, Norway and maintains activities in: Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Finland, Austria, and Croatia.

The company has a strong tradition in supplying:

- raw materials for biogas production and auxiliaries for biological waste water treatment plants.
- traditional and alternative solid biofuels.
- alternative fuels such as solvents.
- alternative raw materials for recycling within cement, mineral wool, tile and similar industries.
-  alternative feedstuffs and fertilisers.

The company can also ensure safe treatment of different types of waste that are not suitable for recycling or utilisation.

Due to an increase of the demand on the market, the Danish company is now looking for foreign suppliers of residual products, resulting from different processing processes, that can help bridge the existent market gap.


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