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Viaplant is a creative material for interior, furniture and fashion design.

Viaplant is a special material made from a fine selection of 12 different plant residuals. Viaplant panels are manufactured with a proprietary engineering technique that preserves the plant component inside the material, displaying a vast variety of natural colours and textures and creates artistic details. We took this creative plant based composite material and created our light and furniture collection, a standalone product range given the innovative material component.


We re-imagined the re-use of plant parts generated and discarded during the maintenance of urban green spaces. Amongst others we also see beauty in aggressively spreading invasive species (e.g. ragweed, reed, Canadian goldenrod, etc.) as well, and re-utilise them. We only use plant parts – leaves and flowers – whose regeneration cycle is one year or less. We consider as very important the local sourcing of all our natural materials, and that the entire work process is carried out in Hungary.

visual aesthetics, experience, atmosphere

Viaplant does not imitate nature, but is one and the same. Using real plants, it creates texture and appearance rich in colour and detail, and emits a wholly unique atmosphere once light shines through.


Thanks to the durable materials used and the aesthetics of nature, Viaplant does not follow passing trends, but opts for the truly long-term.


Wall tile, specials, lamp or furniture – Where the given plant comes from and what its story is makes all the difference. A leaf from a 500-year old lime tree, turf from a famous football pitch or a recycled bride’s bouquet. A certain something that we can relate to.


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+36 (20) 257 7040
viaplant [at] viaplant [dot] com
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Monday, 6 September, 2021


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