22.29 Manufacture of other plastic products

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The Romanian company is currently selling big flexible fluid bags for agricultural applications. Receiving demands from the food industry for similar bags, but with inlays for food liquids and wine, the company intends to develop its business by searching for suppliers of this kind of product.

The company, active in western Romania, in the field of agricultural support, is a distributor of flexible tanks for irrigation water, flexible tanks for liquid fertilizers, and flexible tanks for agricultural effluents. The company is operating an office and a warehouse/storage area with forklift and distribution vehicles. The company distributes the products all over Romania via direct selling or local partners. The products are imported from business partners from France. The company have obtained, for the flexible tanks, the Technical Agreement from the Romanian authorities, and is distributing them to agricultural companies, all over the country. The Romanian agricultural market is very active, despite the pandemic. So, the demand for a specific material, like that commercialized by the company, is constantly high.
In addition to the actual product portfolio, the company has received requests, from the clients, active in the food and wine industry, for big flexible bags with inlays for food liquids and wine. Taking into account the rising demand for flexible bags for food liquids and wine, the company intends to expand its business by offering to the Romanian client’s big flexible bags for the food industry. The big bags with inlay for food liquids and wine should be packed, by the sought partners, on pallets. The expected amount should be, for the beginning, about 2 pallets per month, rising to a volume of 30 - 40 pallets per year. The company uses to pay in advance, to develop a trustful business relation. The company intends to expand its activity by searching for new business partners, able to deliver the necessary items, in demanded quantities, on time. A distribution services agreement could create a good basis for a long term and fair business relation.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Friday, 29 October, 2021


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