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The Northern Ireland (UK) company seeks a manufacturer which can produce plastic staples for a staple gun used to clip electrical cables.

This award winning Northern Ireland (UK) company has developed and brought to market an innovative insulated cable staple for use when fixing up to 240 volt electrical cables to wooden joists. 

They are seeking a versatile manufacturer in Europe who can produce plastic staples, which comprises a strip of 20 plastic bodies and 40 plastic nails. 

The clip is patented. It is a fully insulated cable staple
which works with a specially designed, battery powered stapler to secure cables to wooden joists and structures.
The nails and bodies of the staples are made from plastic so they do not conduct electricity which makes them safe to use on a 240v cable.
The clip body is made of one plastic material; it needs to be flexible. The nails are made out of a different type of plastic; they need to penetrate hard construction timber. It is not possible to overfire them as they cannot be driven any further than the body of the staples, so it cannot crush the cable.

The clips are moulded specifically to fit the shape of the cable which means they hold the cable perfectly.

The strip should be manufactured and assembled, ready for insertion into a battery-powered staple gun, thereby allowing an electrician to quickly secure an electrical cable to timber
Like the clips, the stapler has been designed by an electrician for an electrician. This tool is made to fit between joists and into awkward spaces. It is compact, well balanced and light, ensuring ease of use when being used repeatedly overhead. With the battery stapler, a simple press of the button fires the clip over the cable

The sturdy design of the clips mean they fit together like a glove so it is easy to store 200 clips comfortably in work trouser pockets.
There are no other products like this available for the 240-volt market other than in America where they can use a partially insulated metal staple for 110 volts.
The product can also be sold into the lower-voltage market, for 110-volt markets and also for audio, coaxial and data cables.

This is the first product the company has brought to market.
The company would like a long-term relationship with a partner who will be able to grow with the company and assist in the development of further associated products.


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Thursday, 28 October, 2021


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