16.29 Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials

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A Slovenian company has developed an innovative wooden device for a local vibration therapy to alleviate and prevent effects that can lead to a carpal syndrome. For the production of the upper part of the wooden housings, they are looking for manufacturers.

Slovenian start-up company was founded in 2017. Their main focus is design, development and production of innovative wooden device to prevent and alleviate pain, tingling, numbness and pressure, connected with repetitive tasks and use of computers, that can in many cases lead to carpal syndrome. The innovative approach of the device has been already recognized with special reward from Polish Innovators Association, silver medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions (Croatia) and with bronze medal at Invent Arena (Czechia), where in both latter cases competition included more than 200 innovations. Effects of the device were clinically tested by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana and results confirmed its efficiency when the device is regularly used. The device itself and its design are protected with corresponding intellectual property rights (patent, registered design, etc.).

Nowadays many tasks result in repetitive movement of hand/wrist and this can lead to tingling, numbness, pressure and pain in the wrist. If not treated, the pain can extend itself to the arm and similar condition can be observed with other parts of the body (e.g. neck, shoulders, spine etc.). Typical examples where these issues can occur, are (prolonged) use of computers, repetitive movements in occupancies like hairdressers, dentists, auto mechanics, etc.

As a solution to this challenge, Slovenian company designed a wooden device for a local vibration therapy and its ergonomic design allows hand to be in a natural position, while doing tasks. For example, it is simply put below the hand while the computer mouse is used. Additionally, it can be due its small size used for other parts of the body where the pain is present. One of the main beneficial effects is to accelerate blood circulation, while it also influences regeneration of the cells.

The housing of the device is produced from wood and is made from separated, but combined upper and lower part, while the inner part of it is for the mechanism for vibration therapy. The latter includes batteries that can be recharged by micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable, so the connection of the device to the energy source is not required at the time of the use. The total length of the device is a bit less than a pencil. The device shows resemblance to computer mouse, but for ergonomic reasons, the central area is deepened, so that hand can be placed on it naturally. The overall design of the device is in constant development and the latest version includes LED (light-emitting diode) lights as indicators of the selected therapy for different parts of the body (wrist, shoulders, etc.).

The company is expanding business activities and is looking for partners to manufacture the upper part of the housing. Partnership will be based as manufacturing agreement, where Slovenian company will provide required specifications for the housing, while partner will take care of production of housings according to set requirements. The partner needs to have experience with manufacturing wooden objects with CNC devices.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Monday, 21 February, 2022


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