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A Russian manufacturer from the Vladivostok region is engaged in the production of biologically active supplements made of trepang, squid, sea hedgehog. It is looking for a supplier of cucumaria-sea cucumber under supplier agreement.

The Russian company from Vladivostok specializes in the production of biologically active supplements made of sea raw materials. The company was established in 2005. The main field of activity is the development and the knowledge-intensive production of unique innovative biologically active supplements with the use of developments of scientific centers and institutes of the Far East. Today, the company is the main producer of biologically active supplements based on sea components in the Primorsky Region. The company is engaged in the development of innovative technologies for sea raw materials conversion. The company supplies its products throughout Russia, as well as to Europe and Asian countries. 
Natural sea mono - and multi-component biologically active supplements produced by the company help to fight the most serious illnesses, considerably increase the quality of life. The company produces more than 100 types of various biological complexes. The product range includes dietary supplements for joints, skin, hair, immunity, digestion, and so on. The company has its own production base and laboratory. Production and laboratory workshops are equipped with modern European equipment. The company's production facilities allow producing any number of products.
The Russian company is interested in the supply of cucumaria from foreign suppliers and partners within the framework of the supplier agreement. Cucumaria must be caught in clean waters. The partner will have to provide all the necessary documentation that confirms the quality, passed laboratory tests. The products must have international ISO certification. The delivery of cucumaria is possible both in chilled and dried form. When drying, a gentle temperature must be maintained so that the product does not lose all its useful properties. Also, the partner will have to pack the cooled cucumaria in special refrigerator boxes with temperature support of -5 degrees. If the cucumaria will be delivered in a dry state, the partner will have to pack the products in cellophane sealed bags. The packaged weight can be from 1 kg. The company is ready to buy about 5 tons of the cucumaria a month. 
The result of cooperation for the Russian company will be expressed instability of the production process as the company will be regularly provided with raw materials. The foreign partner will get an opportunity to expand its geography of sales, enter new markets and increase its profit.


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