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A Spanish (Basque) design SME has designed new coffee capsules that are compatible with the new machine of a very well-known coffee maker company. The company is looking for a partner capable of producing such capsules under a license agreement.

Coffee consumption worldwide has increased 95% over the last three decades. Ten thousand million kilograms of coffee are produced yearly and an average person takes 1.3kg of coffee per year. In Spain for instance these figures are even higher, where an average person takes 4.5kg of coffee every year. This means a consumption average of almost four cups of coffee per day and near 535 million weekly. In addition, market trends analysts have detected that coffee consumption habits are also changing very fast and consumers would be looking for larger shots of coffee. In light of this, a well-known coffee maker corporation brought to the market a new range of coffee machines in order to sell bigger rations. This product was introduced in the US market back in 2014, in the UK and France retail distribution chains around 2018 and into other eight European countries just one year after. 
The company is specialized in innovative designs and solutions, winning numerous awards throughout the years. Examples of their designs are a 95% recyclable chair or the design of wall chargers for electric vehicles. So, the company has developed new coffee capsules that are compatible for the new machine of an international coffee company.
Thus, this design seems to be a great opportunity for a manufacturer company to become a provider of the prestigious coffee maker company (a market that sells each year 40.000 tons of coffee in Spain). Manufacturing this product would provide the partner with a big market share in a brief time. The company is looking for manufacturers in order to produce the compatible coffee capsules under a license agreement. Plastic treatment manufacturers who want to diversify their production would be ideal candidates.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Friday, 1 April, 2022


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