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A Slovenian innovator, from Primorska region, has developed an innovative device for sharpening chainsaws. The company has been awarded at various innovation fairs and exhibitions across Europe. The product has undergone an upgrade and improvement phase and has already been tested.

The Slovenian innovator has a long tradition of developing new technologies and products, which have been awarded at various fairs and innovative exhibitions across Europe (eg IENA in Nürnberg, Salon International des Inventions - Geneva, SuZhou in China).

Some years ago, he developed and patented a unique device for sharpening the chainsaws and obtained patent protection for it (national and in the USA). Product testing took place in a real environment (professional foresters and hobby users of chainsaws in Slovenia and the USA), where it turned out that sawing using this type of razor is of exceptional quality.

It is a portable magnetic socket for sharpening chainsaws, which uses 12 to 14.4V power supply and is based on innovative technology of pendulum and line sharpening of chainsaws with grinding wheels of small diameters in which there are abrasives of classic or CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) grains. Abrasives made of synthetic diamond grains are used to sharpen carbide teeth. The oscillating principle of sharpening illustrates a bearing-guided incident arc of motion, as does the circumference of a grinding wheel in expensive professional devices with large diameters.

The improved version of the sharpener enables easier installation of the device on the blade of a chainsaw and more precise and repeatable centering of the device for optimal sharpening of the chain. The advantage of this device is, that it is not necessary to remove the chain from the chain saw blade.

The product is intended primarily for professional foresters, employees on construction sites, firefighters (icebreakers, fallen trees during storms, etc.) buto also for other hobby users of chainsaws.

The product is currently in the phase when upgrades and improvements have been tested and verified, so the innovator is looking for companies (toolmakers with plastic and aluminum injection technology) for joint cooperation in the production of new device/components of an enhanced product version based on a manufacturing agreement.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Friday, 8 October, 2021


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