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A Luxembourg-based manufacturer of wood decking has developed an innovative new system. The company is now looking for a partner to produce the associated mechanical tools needed to install this new decking system.

The Luxembourg client is a manufacturer of wood decking systems, which consists of several deck boards assembled together to form the deck.

To be able to assemble the deckings, one needs a specially designed mechanical tool referred as "board clamp" or "straightener". This tool allows to easily and impeccably assemble the deck boards together.

Such tools already exist on the market, but the Luxembourg company needs to develop one that matches the innovative new decking system they have developed. These tools consist of 2 pliers with a lever arm, mounted horizontally in order to clamp a few deck boards against each other. The attached pictures show examples of the tools in question.

The ideal partner has technical drawing and manufacturing capabilities, to be able to translate the Luxembourg company needs into quality custom tools.

The first order is estimated to be about 50 tools, and between 100 and 200 tools per year are forecasted by the client. The ideal partner will be able to ramp up production to match the commercial growth of the novel product line.

Manufacturing or supplier agreements are considered.


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Monday, 30 August, 2021