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An Italian startup has developed an innovative business model around "longevity" products, fine food, wine and lifestyle from Italian farmers with high quality, tastiness, safety and healthiness standards, and is now willing to find pilot distributors abroad.

Italy is one of the countries where people live the longest, thanks to proper diet, healthy and tasteful food, good wine. The Italian company puts together farmers and artisans producing the original healthy and tasteful Italian Longevity Food, and arranges partnerships with local importers, wholesalers, distributors, and operators.
With  more than 350 farmers and producers from all Italy, the company brings the products, benefits, and the unique flavors of authentic Italian food, wine and lifestyle towards international markets (only artisanal companies that encompass quality, tastiness, safety and healthiness are included in the catalogue of the initiative, with a "no additives", GMO, and hydrogenated fats policy, eco friendly packaging, and an excellent price/quality ratio).
Starting from a pilot project related to the idea of longevity in an island (Sardinia), blue zone area, the project ideally wants to reach foreign counterparts (e-commerce platforms, distributor companies, buyers, etc.), that are actively working on the idea of healthy lifestyle, longevity, especially targeting the market segment of Active Aging people and "Silver economy", and are interested in becoming distributors of healthy Italian products.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Saturday, 12 February, 2022