Agile Production in Future European Brokerage event on digital and industrial technologies, batteries & OITB open calls

Brokerage event
26 Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products
Virtual event
mozo [at] bayfor [dot] org
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A dedicated brokerage event to building up consortia for specific Horizon Europe calls. This one-day event is fully dedicated to the Pillar 2 clusters and calls dealing with information and communication technologies, mobility, batteries, digitisation, industrial technologies and to the open innovation test beds. Participants should provide a complete profile and to choose in advance the calls they are interested in.
The Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR), as European funding center in Bavaria (DE) has a long experience in European Research and Innovation framework programmes and as Enterprise Europe Network. Our Mission is to support all Bavarian organisations and companies in successfully be an active part of the European Research Area. With offices in Munich, Nuremberg and Brussels and a its international-oriented and active staff, the BayFOR has a consolidated international network, which allows it to organise a successful Brokerage Event. Moreover, the German National Contact Points responsible of these thematic areas / clusters will present the calls (some of them still as draft) during the event.
BayFOR is already a benchmark for the scientific community and for the SMEs in Bavaria, when speaking about European funding for research and Innovation.
Both strong networks (international and regional) and the well known and developed research and innovation Bavarian ecosystem will attrack high-qualified participants, relevant for the future consortia or even for bilateral technologic cooperation. Regarding Bavaria, 40% of the German IT companies are based in this region and the EU Commission named Munich Europe's top ICT location, ahead of even London and Paris. This is also thanks to the political committment: The Bavarian state government will invest EUR 1.5 billion in its digitization offensive over the next five years. This will benefit young entrepreneurs and research-orientated companies and of course the elite universitiies and research centers.
This meaningful context will attrack the EEN colleagues to active participate in. BayFOR acts as co-organiser in several brokerage events with good results and the last time we organised one it was a big success. Summarizing, several factors will contribute to the success of the event: strong networks at international and regional level, favorauble research and innovation ecosystem in Bavaria, experienced EEN Partner focused on European R&I Funding, expertise as BE organiser and co-organiser.
A very important aspect to be consder is the quality-checks to the profiles of the potential participants. It will be carefully analyse which kind of organisation, the offer and the request and - most important - they have to check the calls for proposals they are interested in. All coorganisers have to be committed to run the quality checks in order to ensure high-qualified and fruitful bilateral meetings. We expect around 300 participants.
On a operational level, BayFOR will invite EEN Partner from Horizon Europe elegible countries to become organisers, but is open to accept others from third countries. In any case, the objective is to maintain a high level in order to provide a favourable context to find the right partners for the future R&I projects in the framework of Horizon Europe.



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